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Methodical Illusion
Chapter 1
     The left hand reached toward the Bible and centered itself firmly on top of the leather bound book as the camera froze there momentarily allowing much of the gold embossed lettering to be visible between the fingers. Vera stopped packing her suitcase and stood reverently glued to the television screen. She reached for the remote and turned up the volume just as the camera slowly pulled back to reveal Joel Sherman lift his right arm to the square. There, in the oval office of the White House, stood the soon to be President of the United States standing next to his radiant wife, Mica who was holding the Bible upon which his hand now rested. In front of them stood the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, dressed in his black robes with his right arm also raised to the square. The words of the oath of office echoed from the Chief Justice to President Sherman and then into Vera’s mind. “…to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God.”  

      Vera exhaled with a sigh of relief. The country had gone through such turmoil over the past few years. Immediately after the elections in 2012 and even before the President was inaugurated for his second term, evidence began to come forward regarding the Benghazi attacks in which the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three others had been killed. By February, it had become quite clear to the public that the President and the Vice President had been running a secret arms operation through Libyan rebels to the resistance in Syria. Not only was that operation illegal, but it was patently treasonous. Rumors to such effect had been circulating for months following the embassy attack on September 11, 2012, but the media had a tendency to ignore most of the salient points and the Republican Party didn’t seem to have the stomach to pursue the matter after their crushing defeat at the ballot box in November. About the only thing the Republicans could muster was to replace their leadership in the House by naming Joel Sherman as Speaker. In January, certain Al Qaeda leaders were captured by the Mossad trying to arm the Palestinians with many of the weapons they had obtained from the United States. The evidence they provided could no longer be ignored and the Mossad had a peculiar way of persuading the United States media to publish everything they were uncovering.

     Following the exposure of the ever expanding IRS scandal, where the president had used the agency to target his enemies, the political fight was in full bloom. The Republicans sensed blood in the water and since they controlled the House, threatened simultaneous impeachment of both the President and Vice President. The Democrats circled the wagons and dismissed, ignored or obstructed every attempt to comply with House investigations and subpoenas. The stalemate that ensued stretched well into the fall and had essentially shut down all legislative progress having to do with governance. The people became more and more frustrated with the mounting problems that Congress failed to address. The status quo likely would have continued indefinitely, but for the daughter of the President’s top senior advisor. In a moment of defiant independence she slipped past her Secret Service detail, while visiting in Cairo and was kidnapped by Al Qaeda. Ironically, they transported her to Libya and threatened to kill her unless her mother testified before Congress about the Administration’s conspiracies as they related to the Benghazi attack. Her mother threatened a full scale offensive in retaliation, but quickly relented knowing the President had little or no support for such an action. Shortly thereafter she went before a House oversight committee and revealed so much corruption and illegal activity on the part of the administration that even the press was dumbfounded. She apparently was testifying under some type of immunity agreement, but that detail had never been clarified to the public. Of course, the beheading videos of the western journalists that were sent to the New York Times along with the daughter’s video pleading to her mother to save her life was what persuaded the president’s advisor to testify before congress.  

     After that it was all downhill for the President. Many of the less progressive Democratic Senators could no longer support the administration. The press, with the exception of a few brain damaged commentators on MSNBC, began to call for impeachment and the public’s voice wanted it sooner rather than later. In October, the House of Representatives filed fifteen articles of impeachment for high crimes, misdemeanors and treason against the President and Vice President. The former Secretary of State, who had resigned in January after the election, was arrested and indicted on similar criminal charges. The debate in the House lasted three weeks due to the abundance of charges and a desire for nearly every House member to be on the record voicing their opinion. In November, the House voted overwhelmingly in a bi-partisan manner to impeach both men. Only twice before in the history of the Republic had a President been impeached, but neither time was he convicted in the Senate and removed from office. Never before had both the President and Vice President been impeached at the same time, the conviction of both left the door open for several constitutional issues regarding succession. The Supreme Court ruled immediately that if both were convicted in the Senate that the Speaker of the House would become the President. With the overwhelming evidence against both men, the Senate was persuaded to try them simultaneously, yet separately and to schedule the vote one right after the other; the Vice President first then the President to avoid any confusion as to who would become the next President. Of course if the President was convicted and the Vice President was not, the Vice President would immediately be sworn in as the next President.

     Their trials began in November and lingered on until the Christmas recess. They resumed again in January and consumed the entire Senate calendar. Witness after witness was called and the public watched intently on television as each revealed, in detail, the depth of the administration’s involvement in these heinous crimes. New revelations where exposed, but by this point it was clear that Joel Sherman, the Speaker of the House, would become the next President of the United States. Testimony wrapped up on Thursday, January 30. The following day the Chief Justice who had presided over the trials made clarifications to the law and a vote was scheduled for the following Monday.  
​        Methodical Illusion
​        Methodical Illusion